Welcome to Shoket Aluminum Home page



Welcome to Shoket Aluminum Ltd. homepage.

Shoket Aluminum is one of the largest manufacturing and marketing companies of aluminum profiles in .

In March 2010 "Shoket" entered the BME (BMEqualitysourcing.com) platform. This high-quality E-platform is the gateway for most of the top companies buyers.

In our growing world, the demand for quality aluminum profiles is increasing, but quality is not the only thing you're looking for. You need the products to arrive at your sites as fast as possible and that's where we enter: high quality profiles in minimum time from our factory in Israel to your European building sites and warehouses.

On the website you can find photos and sketches from the complete catalog of our company, from designer profiles for home use to profiles for heavy industry. 

In the complete cataloger you could find hundreds of  profiles for every possible use. 

We are certain that you will find much of interest in the website and that you will be able to find a solution for every need in your field of business. 

For any question or problem please contact us by telephone, fax or e-mail and we will be happy to help you and to direct you to  the quickest and most suitable  solution for you. 


Haim Vilchinsky, Chairman.



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